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Coronial Law


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LLM Coronial Law
Mode of study
24 months part-time distance


Welcome to Coronial Law

Are you a legal professional or individual with a relevant background seeking to deepen your knowledge and expertise in the intricate realm of coronial law? Look no further! The ӣƵapp's Centre for Contemporary Coronial Law offers unique courses that focus exclusively on the niche area of coronial law. Our pioneering online LLM programme is centred on the investigation of unnatural death through a coronial law lens.

What sets our programme apart is that it is not just any LLM; it is specifically tailored to provide in-depth knowledge and expertise in coronial law. Leading experts in the field endorse and instruct our courses, ensuring that course participants and students gain knowledge from the expertise and best practices that are driving the industry.

Chat to our students

studentsatisfaction New
studentsatisfaction New

Take a look inside Coronial Law

"I completed the Coronial Law Course remotely from March to June 2021. The course content was excellent, particularly the interactive elements and the case studies. My practice area at the Bar is in Inquests and Inquiries so I regularly represent Interested Persons in Coroners' Courts. The course provided a real insight into the role and work of a coroner which was new to me as a barrister. During the course I applied for the role of assistant coroner and was successfully appointed in June 2021. I would highly recommend the course to all aspiring coroners"

Leila Benyounes

Barrister at Parklane Plowden Chambers and Assistant Coroner for Gateshead and South Tyneside | 2023

"I cannot speak highly enough of this course. It is hugely practical, well-organised and excellently presented overseen by the ever helpful and enthusiastic Coronial Law Lead at Bolton University, Dr Alicia Danielsson. It is also fantastic value for money-E250 for six 3-hour sessions rounded off with a Mock Inquest in a 7th session
The pandemic meant that the course was held remotely, but rather counter-intuitively I felt this added to the quality of the course. The lecturers, Professor Alan Walsh, Professor Christopher Dorries OBE, and Mr. Timothy Brennand, all hugely experienced and leaders in their field used the interactive technology available to ensure that attendees, through the use of real-time quizzes etc. were actively involved and engaged throughout.
For anyone other than coroners (for whom this course is not intended) it is difficult to think of a more beneficial and comprehensive introduction to Coronial Law."

Michael Brady

Barrister at Parklane Plowden Chambers and Assistant Coroner for Gateshead and South Tyneside | 2023

""I attended the course before I moved from the Bar into teaching. The course was an excellent introduction to Coronial law. The mix of experienced coroners kept the sessions lively and engaging.""

Nigel Booth

Barrister, Programme and Student Experience Lead, Bar Practice Course, The University of Law | 2023


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